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If you’re anything like us, you like to stay up to date on the news from sources that you know and trust. But with so many options out there, how do you know which sites will give you the “real information” that you need to know. Here is a list of our 15 favorite sites to stay up to date with daily, whether you are looking to join the conservation on social media or find a go-to writer to report on your daily news, this list has all of those.

1. News Busters 

With more conservative videos than we ever thought possible, News Busters is showing media for what it really is… biased! We love the commentary on this site and the way they keep us up to date with their video library.

2. The Corner  

These guys take the cake on analyzing anything and everything that goes on. Their commentary and analysis is pretty spot on, and it keeps us up to date on the latest.

3. Red State

RedState is arguably the most important conservative blog in the world, and RedState’s top guy, Erick Erickson, is prominent on Twitter. This, of course, makes him an obvious choice for the top spot. Erickson’s significance is increased by his willingness to call-out fellow Republicans who stray from conservatism.

4. Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck. With 7.5 million radio show listeners, the 4th largest conservative news site – The Blaze, and The Blaze TV, Beck has real passionate fans.

5. Sean Hannity

Author, political commentator, and a host on radio and TV, Sean Hannity is a voice for conservatives everywhere. His radio show provides a strong stance on conservative issues and is syndicated nationally. Tune in or follow him to get updates on issues.

6. Keith Hennessey

He used to work at the White House, and now? Now, we love his commentary and information. We love that it comes from someone with true intel about how the White House works from inside the White House. His graphs and information are founded on fact, and are sound. We love seeing what nitty gritty details he posts.

7. Hot Air

For news on anything media, politics, or culture, this is a great source. Their ever expansive wealth of articles and posts makes it easy to get lost in the information that you want to know about most.

8. The Other McCain

After publishing a book about the corruption in the Democratic party, he has moved on to this blog where he continues to expose scandals and corruption in our government with his great commentary included.

9. The Daily Signal

This site focuses on political and policy news with a conservative viewpoint you will not want to miss. They are serious about bringing truthfulness to their reporting and you can count on them to have accurate information.

10. Andrew Malcolm

A writer, Malcolm uses his expertise to take down anything liberal. Definitely a good person to follow.

11. Newsmax

“Independent. American.” is what their site boasts. And it should. Newsmax has everything. We mean everything. Jokes, science, political news, you name it.  Each month reaching 14 million conservative readers- looking for offers that improve their health, financial well-being and lifestyle. With all the information you can gain on that site, you’ll be a wealth of knowledge. Check it out.

12. The Blaze

Videos and great journalism mixed into one site? Yes please. This site brings a fresh opinion to most stories and has some great videos that anyone will love too.

13. The Drudge Report

With plenty of links to other sites to follow, this site pretty much as everything you need to keep up to date with when it comes to American news. From politics, and current events to entertainment… this is the place to find it all aggregated together.

14. Townhall.com

From cartoons to breaking news with a conservative twist, Townhall has a ton to offer. It boasts breaking news, and tons of great right side content. Highly recommended by us.

15. Twitchy

A twitter site that vows to keep you up to date with news, and that promises to break it. Sounds pretty spectacular, right? We think so too. Stay ahead of the game by following them.



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