Senate Disses Obama About Iran… Finally


Hey, I have an amazing idea for 2015. We should let a country that supports terrorism, has made numerous violent threats in the past, and chooses global hostility over unification develop their nuclear program further. Sounds brilliant, right? What’s to lose… I’m sure they have the world’s best interest at hand.

I know what you’re thinking – “That is an absolutely stupid idea. Moron.” Yes, I agree AND it is exactly what the Obama administration is doing as you read this.

Thankfully, two weeks ago the senate unanimously voted in favor of a bill that would impose heavy sanctions on Iran should the stray from the promises outlined in the upcoming deal. They’re at least trying to provide some protection, unlike the big dog who just doesn’t seem to care much about foreign policy or our safety. Despite the timely and very appreciated jab, it’s just a slight improvement to something already headed towards disaster. The proverbial “lipstick on a pig” or, in this case, jack-ass.

Recently Obama (and leaders from Russia, France, China, Germany, & UK) has been working with Iran on reaching a deal to outline Iran’s nuclear program. In my opinion, there should be no program. Zilch. Zero. None. But instead… they’re working on providing “rules” for the untrustworthy, historically non-rule-abiding country to follow.

Obama’s goal is to keep Iran one year away from having enough fuel to create a bomb. Super refreshing and comforting. Thanks Obama. I’m not sure what scares me more… Iran potentially having nuclear arms in the next year and half or the fact that Obama will still be in office at that time. Food for thought, people, food for thought.

Ranting Republican
Ranting Republican
A former Marine who served during the Bush administration, the Ranting Republican (RR) is a true American Patriot dedicated to restoring this great nation. Covering domestic & global news, RR isn't afraid to go on tirades about the nonsensical people and issues destroying American liberty and what our founding fathers believed in.


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