White House and State Department Hacked by Russians


Hackers have obtained secret information about the US and the White House through a security breach in the State Department. The hackers are allegedly Russian.

They obtained information including the President’s daily schedule and other top-secret information. Luckily for us, the White House uses a separate system entirely for classified information, leaving that section of our government untouched.

How could this have happened? Well, sources think it started with a phishing scam within the State Department. Once that was successful the Russian hackers moved towards infiltrating the State Department’s system and the hacking into different systems continued from there.

This leads the US to some serious questions. What do these hackers want? It looks as though we need to reassess not only our security systems, but also how severe is the threat from Russian cyberattacks. With recent scandals like Hillary’s email mess, and amid the growing tension between Russia and the US, this breach could pose a much larger threat to national security than first glance may have shown.

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