Kim Jong Un Demands Respect, or Else


Things are still crazy in North Korea with Kim Jong Un … Reports have come in that North Korea’s defense minister was recently executed.

“How?” you ask. The typical humane North Korean way – antiaircraft guns. Not only was the method of execution excessively ridiculous, but it was viewed by hundreds of officials, most likely to make sure they understand where they stand.

Apparently the defense minister took a cat nap during one of Kim Jong Un’s military events. He also reportedly talked back to the leader and was sentenced to death for disloyalty and disrespect as a result.

It is absolutely insane that countries are still ruled in this manner and the rest of the world seems to be okay with it, because it is currently an imminent threat to them. Meanwhile, we watch Game of Thrones on HBO and the same type of over-the-top death and chaos is entertaining to us, so long as the characters are dressed up in medieval attire.



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