The Reek of Desperation


The Democrats are at the end of their rope as evidenced by the latest series of unbelievable actions they’ve taken to push their hateful agenda.

The Dems are getting DESPERATE…

However, that means they’re also getting DANGEROUS – as just like any animal that finds itself in the corner – they’re willing to sacrifice their own safety to inflict damage on America.

Let’s look at a list of their last-ditch effort attacks:

  • They’ve just weaponized the IRS against the American people by hiring 87,000 new agents to audit our citizens.
  • They’re pushing a climate change bill that would absolutely cripple the economy.
  • Actively looking to swap an imprisoned Russian arms dealer for an imprisoned pro-basketball player.
  • And worst of all, Biden’s DOJ just weaponized the FBI to raid a political adversary’s home.

They’ve done all of this in the span of a few weeks…

All of which are damaging to our country.

They’re losing…

In fact, some say they lost the moment gas went over $4 a gallon and inflation started rising faster than Hunter Biden’s heart rate after a crack binge.

Well, they haven’t lost yet…

But they’re getting close.

They know it…

And they’re trying to get as much of their agenda codified into law as they can while they still have control – and they’re pulling out all the stops to do it.

What’s funny is – our greatest ally has been Democratic Senator Joe Manchin in stopping some of this craziness from happening.

However, they’re not done yet…

They’re desperate but still dangerous.

Don’t celebrate before we cross the goal line…

The fight for America’s soul isn’t completely over yet.

“There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people.” – 

Heinz Guderian

Photo Credit: Gerald Herbert/Associated Press

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