8 Epic Obama Fails


It’s safe to say that the majority of Americans see Obama’s presidency as a ‘failure,’ Democrats included. The objective of Obama’s presidency, as laid out before his first inauguration, was to renew faith and trust within the American people. His loyal supporter base is shrinking and most of the country sees him as a joke. We’ve seen failure after failure. From healthcare reform to unexplainable scandals, check out this list of epic Obama fails.

1. Immigration Reform

Back in 2008, then Senator Obama campaigned on a simple promise. He would make sure to pass comprehensive immigration by the end of his first year in office. Despite holding the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, he and his party never bothered to follow through. Instead, Obama turned his attention to not-closing Gitmo and ramming ObamaCare down the throats of a resistant public. Yesterday, Fox News reporter Ed Henry asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the president’s failure to act on immigration when he had the chance. Why, when the Democrats had complete control of the government, did they do nothing? The answer is simply pathetic. “The President had a lot on his plate.”Continue Reading….

2. Benghazi Cover-Up

What we do know is that a timeline was put together during one of the investigations that proved Obama was suspiciously missing during multiple important foreign security briefings in the weeks leading up to the September 11, 2012 attacks.

We also know that a recent congressional report is placing the blame for the attacks on the White House.

And Obama obviously doesn’t want the truth about the situation to get out – he actually tried to stop Fox News from reporting on Benghazi.

If he is as innocent as he claims, then why is he trying so hard to keep the story quiet? The truth is, if the actual truth comes out about how much he messed up here, he could absolutely be impeached. Keep reading…

3. Failure to Stand Up for Freedom in France After the Terror Attacks

Obama didn’t even acknowledge the Paris rally, or the thousands of others that took place across the world, including in D.C., on Sunday. His silence speaks volumes.

Displaying powerful symbolic unity, in fitting and proper testament to the defense of civilization, more than 40 world leaders linked arms to lead the mass march in Paris in resolve against Islamist terror.

The United States of America, Barack Obama, President, was inexcusably absent from one of the most critical turning points in the war between radical Islam and the West since 9/11.

No Obama. No Joe Biden. No John Kerry from State. No Chuck Hagel or Ashton Carter from Defense. Not even Eric Holder from Justice, who happened to have been in Paris.

Read More…

4. Anti-Terror Plan


Reports from various news sources show that Obama’s limited air campaign against ISIS has failed to stop the aggressive onslaught by the terror organization. And number of military experts have recently criticized the president’s “no boots on the ground” approach as anemic and ineffective. Read More…

5. The Fall of Iraq

President Obama and his liberal followers gushed about how this administration was going to changes how the world perceived America, they were going to try a new approach called, “let’s be buddies with the sword swinging terrorists,” and it backfired horribly. Obama has failed to end terrorism and has actually encouraged its growth instead. There can be no more passing of the buck to Bush, as the former president had this mess contained. All of this falls on the shoulders of Barack Obama, but it’s unlikely he’ll man up and do anything to fix what he has broken.

6. Obamacare

When ObamaCare was passed, we were assured that it would provide insurance for 32 million people who didn’t have any coverage. Four years later, it looks like ObamaCare has covered far fewer new people, between 10% and 20% of what was promised, and about half of those were through an expansion of Medicaid—a burden that will eventually bankrupt the states—rather than through ObamaCare’s insurance exchanges. Read More…

7. IRS Targeting

It seems unlikely that anyone at the IRS came up with this plan “just because.” But, even if this program really was fully independent of the White House and any political favors, why did anyone take the risk of getting caught? And, if this was a rogue operation, why would those in the Administration risk their political necks attempting to cover up the mess?

No, common sense – and the facts – say that this program was untaken for personal political gain and was ordered “from the top.”

We know that the individual in the IRS who was in charge of the tax-exempt office received a major promotion following the scandal. We can only imagine the slew of promotions that would have occurred had this scandal not come to light. But, there is another person who stood to gain significantly from stomping on conservative groups: President Barack Obama. Keep Reading…

8. The VA Scandal

The VA Scandal, marked by vets denied treatment and kept waiting on secret waiting lists resulting in the deaths and other suffering in multiple cities, has proven itself to be scandal that Obama cannot hide from or lie his way through. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Americans are not only angry with what is happening at the VA, an overwhelming number of them place the blame directly on Barack Obama holding him. Nearly 80%, on some level, hold Obama “personally responsible.” Read More…

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