Trump’s super PAC drops over $800K on ad tying ‘clueless’ Fetterman to Biden after he stumbled in debate


EXCLUSIVE: Former President Trump’s super PAC launched a TV ad in Pennsylvania on Wednesday blasting President Biden and liberal Senate candidate John Fetterman as “clueless” and “weak.”

Make America Great Again (MAGA) Inc., launched a $870,000 ad buy in the commonwealth piggybacking off of Tuesday night’s debate between Fetterman and Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz.

“The worst border crisis in American history,” the narrator in the ad states. “The worst crime wave in decades. The threat of nuclear annihilation. Our economy collapsing. Joe Biden and John Fetterman aren’t up to these challenges. Biden is stumbling around, and Fetterman just isn’t right.”

The ad then plays quotes from Biden saying, “Our economy is strong as hell,” and Fetterman telling a crowd, “The Eagles are so much better than the Eagles!”


“Biden and Fetterman: liberal, clueless, weak,” the ad concludes.

To date, MAGA Inc. has spent $2.4 million in the past three weeks in Pennsylvania. 

A MAGA Inc. official told Fox News Digital that Fetterman, who suffered a stroke in May, is not up for the job of senator.

“Call me an ableist. John Fetterman is not able to perform the job of senator,” the official said. “President Trump will continue to fight to make sure this radical isn’t in Washington next year.”

Fetterman, the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor, has struggled with auditory processing issues and speaking clearly ever since his stroke. The campaigns for Fetterman and Oz both agreed that Fetterman could use closed captioning for Tuesday’s debate. However, Fetterman had extreme difficulty articulating his positions on multiple issues, and critics on both sides of the aisle declared the debate a “disaster” for the Democrat.

According to a FOX News poll conducted last month, Fetterman leads Oz 45% to 41% among likely Pennsylvania voters

An AARP poll from last week shows Oz closing the gap with Fetterman at 48% and Oz at 46%, which is within a margin of error. 

Fox News Emmett Jones contributed to this report.

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