The 5 Things ISIS Looks For In Recruits


It is no secret that the terrorist group ISIS has been recruiting, in Turkey, Syria and even in other western countries.  But what are they looking for in a new recruit?

1. Low income children and families

Isis looks for low income children and families that are looking for a way a way out of the poverty. This is especially true in parts of Turkey where people are seeing the benefits that come when their neighbors join ISIS.

Still, he said many were drawn to the group for financial reasons, as it appealed to disadvantaged youth in less prosperous parts of Turkey. “When you fight, they offer $150 a day. Then everything else is free,” he said. “Even the shopkeepers give you free products out of fear.” Continue reading here…shutterstock_266865647 (1)

2. Bored, drug addicted children

Bored and sometimes drug addicted children looking for something to do are ideal targets for Isis. In slums of Turkey where there are no schools around, and many are selling or addicted to drugs, the children are bored.

Having spent most of his youth as a drug addict in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Turkey’s capital, Can did not think he had much to lose when he was smuggled into Syria with 10 of his childhood friends to join the world’s most extreme jihadist group. Read more here…

Procyk Radek /

Procyk Radek /

3. People who want to fight, and are a bit reckless

Amid unconfirmed reports of protesters ‘brandishing’ Isis flag during the Baltimore riots, another rattling claim has emerged that Islamic State (Isis) militants are using the citizen ‘uprising’ in the city to recruit ‘dissatisfied’ blacks for jihad. Continue reading here…


4. Poor Grooming and Style

For westerners, the lack of dress code could play a part. Being unkempt and dirty is not a problem for ISIS.

Citing a growing number of westerners who have joined the ranks of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), representatives of the terror group told reporters their successful recruitment campaign was successful due to relaxed grooming standards and a liberal tattoo policy. Read more 


5. Lost people looking for a sense of belonging and purpose

ISIS is even reaching out to the former Taliban to try and recruit them.

The flag is crude, handmade, but the message is clear — allegiance to ISIS in Afghanistan. And the timing — with America withdrawing, the Taliban fractured, young men disillusioned and angry — could not be worse. Read more here…




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