Homeland Security – Not So Secure


First it was Hilary, then the IRS, now it is the Department of Homeland Security! Obama’s administration seems to keep at it. DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has shown special treatment to several people based on their affiliation with Democratic powerhouses. Several people were given American visas based on their affiliation. One in particular directly links to a financial institution that Hilary Rodham Clinton has affiliation with.

After all of these findings have come to light, Mayorkas does not have any charges pressed against him, and to top it all off he is still working for the DHS! This is infuriating!

How are we supposed to trust our Department of Homeland Security when they freely give out a visa to anyone willing to contribute to a campaign, or better someone in the Democratic Party’s stance! This is an absolute outrage. There seems to be no end to the corruption of Obama’s administration. Every week, a new scandal comes to light!

Read the details of the scandal and see the video here…


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