10 Things You Need to Know About Ted Cruz


1. He was actually born in Canada. Many agree that he is still a natural born citizen though because his mother was an American citizen. He gave up his Canadian citizenship in 2004. See the full story here…  

Canadian Flag

2. He wants to abolish the IRS and create a flat tax for everyone. Read more about this here…

Signing Tax Papers

3. His No. 1 priority is to get rid of “Obama Care” and he has spoken against it, like in this video.

4. He has argued 9 cases in front of the Supreme Court, which makes him a great candidate to take on the conservative issues we care about. See what else he can boast about here… 

Supreme Court

5. He is a lawyer with degrees from two Ivy League schools. He boasts degrees from both Princeton and Harvard Law. Pretty impressive. Read more here…

6. He taught law at the University of Texas for 5 years as an adjunct professor. Specifically he focused on U.S. Supreme court litigation, see what else he did here..


7. Before he won his Senate seat in 2012, he had never run for or held a political office. Read more about him here..


8. Cruz can not only debate, but he can handle an insult or an issue well. Something we have yet to see for the prospective Democratic front-runner. See the video here..

9. Cruz has strong Christian values, and he is not shy about them. Watch him in his speech below.

10. He opposes same sex marriage and is anything but a moderate Republican candidate, as he explains in the New Yorker. Cruz believes that staying true to his values, and those of the conservative right wing, are what will win him the presidency. Read the full story here..

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