Down with the IRS?


Oh Ted Cruz, we think you’re awesome and, of course, we’d love to get rid of the blood-sucking IRS and move America away from the ridiculous high tax, big government BS the nation was originally founded to get away from!!! BUT, what would that really take? Is it realistic enough to use as a running point?

It can and should be!!

A few facts:

  • IRS collects over $2.4 trillion/year
  • Funds government like military, social security, medicare, etc.
  • Over 90,000 employees

Taxes in general aren’t going away and probably never will be. However, what NEEDS to be addressed is that the taxes are unfairly high for a ton of people, while others get a free ride. It’s bullshit that regular, hard working Americans pay increases in their health insurance while Obamacare vampires feed on others’ labor. It’s ridiculous that lazy bums collect welfare by choice, rather than choosing to pursue the American Dream.

Us conservative folks need to pull together and come up with more actionable ways to convince the stubborn leftists they’re wrong with condoning socialist behavior.

Where can we more aggressively cut budgets and reduce spend? Well sheesh, in my humble opinion… everywhere. But seriously, I can’t wait to see a proposed list of cuts that would support getting rid of the IRS.

What compounds the inflated organizations’ collection of our hard-earned money each year is that they are CORRUPT and run by a group of socialists, like Obama. For example, in 2013 they audited groups that were tied to conservative interests. Audits; inappropriate, unnecessary questions and requests. Hmm strange. Wait, no it isn’t. Standard MO for the Obama regime.

Like Cruz, Rand Paul, and a ton of us at Silence the Liberals, we want to abolish the IRS and aren’t afraid to voice that to our peers and fellow countrymen, but we need to face some facts and present a plan for getting it done.

Otherwise, as we’ve all seen, the left will be too dumb to understand the benefits and side with us…

The Right Side
The Right Side
The Right Side's mission is to restore America and the vision of the founding fathers.

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