5 Articles to Read Before You Do Your Taxes


Every year, people dread doing their taxes. How much money will the IRS take from you this year? The following articles give some sound advice of what has changed for 2015, and what you should know before you begin the filing process. From investments to mortgage payments, be in the know before you file this year.

1. Homeowners need to know about what type of tax benefits are available to them. After buying a house, you deserve a tax break, so find out what it is.


If you’re a home owner, there are tax benefits available to lessen the pain. Read what they are here…

2. Everyone has questions about taxes, here are the most frequently asked ones, and some great answers to help you understand what to expect when filing.

With less than a month to go before the deadline to file your 2014 tax return, these are the top questions tax pros say they are still getting from filers, and their answers. See the answers here…

3. Making the proper investment choices can be hard. Knowing which ones will be the most beneficial during tax season is even harder. Know what to ask before you go into your tax meeting.

Regarding investments here are some questions that will help both you and your tax preparer: Read the full list here…

4. Kids and loved ones can play a major role in determining how much you get back on your tax return. Know the new rules.


If you have kids under 18, you’ll probably be impacted by some of the tax changes announced by the federal government… See how in this article…

5. Now that Obamacare is mandatory for all, what implications does it have on your tax return? Some people are finding out it might be more costly on your taxes than you would have thought.


This filing season, for the first time, millions of Americans are facing tax implications — and new forms that even seasoned preparers are finding confusing — related to their health insurance status. The changes are not only complicating things for tax filers, but also costing many of them money. See the full article here…

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