‘Hope’ No More

Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the 'Hope' poster for Obama's 2008 presidential campaign has run out of hope. Oh, the irony.... He recently expressed...

Is Bernie Sanders’ ‘A Movement of Millions’ Campaign the next ‘Change’?

Democratic presidential candidate and Independent senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is promising 'A Movement of Millions.'  "Here is my promise to you for this campaign. Not...

Clinton Cash Book Cartoon

The Clinton Scandals Taking a Toll Cartoon by AF Branco.  These most recent scandals even have Obama rethinking his support of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton...

Clinton Foundation: Lies and Money

It seems that the Clinton Foundation has recently come under some serious scrutiny for their tax returns and spending habits. In fact, the spending...

Sleepless in DC

  Sleepless in DC Cartoon Reposted from A F Branco